2024’s Best Power Tool Brands for Homeowners and Professionals

Best Power Tool Brand

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🧰 What are 2024‘s Best Power Tool Brands?

When it comes to purchasing quality items, people tend to be creatures of habit.

When you find a brand or company that makes reliable goods and sells them for a reasonable price, you are more likely to stick with them when it is time to buy other items. 

Power tools are no exception.

Whether you’re a homeowner who likes to indulge in the occasional do-it-yourself home improvement project or a professional contractor who uses power tools daily, finding the best brand for your needs can seem a bit daunting.

The power tool market has a wide range of power tool brands that claim to be the best, but how do you determine which ones are true leaders in the industry?

🧰 Introduction

Tradesman with power tool

To help you better understand what the best power tool brands look like for professional and home use, we took a close look at the brands we trust as professionals, along with company research.

It is important to note that no one top-of-the-line best power tool brand will work for everyone.

Some people like to mix and match brands to develop hands-on experience with multiple tools.

Others prefer tools with a reasonable price or a substantial warranty.

There’s no right or wrong way to buy power tools because what works for you may not work as well for someone else.

Keeping that in mind, we used our research and professional opinions to compile a list of the best power tool brands for professionals and homeowners in no particular order.

The compilation below provides a general overview of the best power tool brands on the market to date to help you make an informed decision on future purchases.

🧰 How We Searched for the Best Power Tool Brand

The power tool industry is much more complex than some people may think.

Many companies make quality tools, both corded and cordless, for home and professional use.

Power tool lineups and capabilities within different brands can be vastly different, while other companies seem to have similar tools.

This power tool compilation list aims to find the best brands overall based on professional and personal opinions, research, company popularity, range, and warranties.

⚒️ Our Professional Opinion on the Best Power Tools

Phyxter Technician with power tools

Here at Phyxter Home Services, we are and work with experienced professional independent contractors.

These contractors specialize in various home services, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, general contracting, home renovations, and flooring repair and installation.

We don’t shy away from using power tools to get a job done.

We regularly use various tools such as drills, impact drivers, hand tools, heavy-duty construction tools, woodworking items, pneumatic tools, and more.

As contractors, we regularly partner with other professionals who are forthcoming about their preferred power tool system.

Our home services also put us around homeowners who like to perform work on their property and purchase power tools for personal use.

To get an idea about the best tools professionals and homeowners like to use, we went over our conversations with fellow professionals and DIY homeowners.

We considered how often we would hear about a specific power tool brand, whether people purchased tools or inherited them, and what research they may have done to influence their purchases.

⚒️ Power Tool Range and Warranty

A decent range of innovative tools is a necessary component for a leading power tool brand.

Most of the tool brands on the following list have a strong power tool lineup of products that can perform multiple jobs.

Their lineups can include everything from a series of batteries for cordless drills to a hammer drill and more.

As a power tool company, having a broad range of products helps attract audiences who can become repeat customers, eventually boosting the brand’s popularity.

For instance, if you buy a radial arm saw from one brand, you’ll likely buy a cordless drill driver from them, too, if it’s a tool you need.

We chose to omit some power tool brands that don’t have a solid range despite their items’ quality.

Another consideration we made for our compilation is warranty length.

A strong warranty usually indicates a brand’s confidence in its product line.

The more extended the warranty, the better the products’ quality is likely to be.

We took a close look at the websites of various power tool brands to understand their warranties.

Because of the tool industry’s nature, most brands include a guarantee of some kind on their goods.

For this list, we added brands that provide consumers with a two-year wear and tear warranty at a minimum.

⚒️ Power Tool Brand Popularity

Google Trends chart showing best power tool brand
Google Trends Showing Last 12 Months’ Popularity

Before we created our list of the best power tool brands, we searched for the most popular brands in 2024 online through Google Trends and Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a toolset for analyzing online behavior.

Through this tool, we can analyze specific keyword rankings and popularity.

With Google, we can see the most popular search trends based on consumer search results.

Ahrefs broke down the leading power tool brands by U.S. and Canadian keyword searches. 

Surprisingly, the research showed that the most popular power tool brands are similar across the board, but individual rankings tend to vary.

For instance, Milwaukee tools have the top ranking on Google, but the company falls to second place with U.S keyword searches and third place with Canadian consumers.

As part of our online research, we read through various forums about power tools, home renovations, contracting, etc.

There are plenty of online discussion boards where professionals and DIYers talk about their favorite brands and experiences.

We read up on recent topics to better understand how other consumers feel about various power tool brands and their expectations and experiences.

🧰 The 5 Best Power Tool Brands for Professionals

strong reputation and longevity are what separates professional power tool brands from others.

Our recommendations below include brands with years of industry experience, a robust lineup of high-quality power tools, and industry-related products.

1. Milwaukee Tool

best power tool brand - Milwaukee power tools

Some tool companies exchange hands multiple times during their lifespan without altering production standards. Milwaukee Tool is one such company.

The original Milwaukee enterprise was established in 1922 by Wisconsin manufacturers A. H. Peterson and Albert F. Seibert.

In 1924 Siebert bought the company’s remaining assets after a devastating fire and created the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

As of 2005, Milwaukee is owned by Techtronic Industries from Hong Kong.

Milwaukee’s reputation for superior tools began with a one-handed drill in 1922.

From there, Milwaukee expanded to include dozens of tools and equipment, such as the famous Milwaukee Sawzall brand with reciprocating saws.

Other notable Milwaukee tools include the 12V M12 System, 18V M18 System, and 72V MX FUEL, which use innovative battery technology.

Milwaukee is now home to exceptional professional-grade cordless devices, outdoor equipment, construction tools, and more. 

In addition to drills, Milwaukee also manufactures corded, gas-powered, and battery-operated tools.

Milwaukee is the preferred choice for various professionals, including general contractors, auto workers, HVAC technicians, and electricians.

Unlike some brands, Milwaukee tools can handle even the most rugged jobs.

You can expect to find them on job sites and construction sites worldwide.

2. Ridgid

Ridgid power tools

While many other power tool brands make tools and equipment for multiple purposes, Ridgid targets HVAC and plumbing professionals.

Ridgid’s origins begin in 1923 in Ohio. The company has a reputation as a leader in pipe wrench manufacturing.

Many people in the plumbing industry view Ridgid’s red pipe wrench series as one of the best plumbing tools available.

Though construction workers and general contractors are less likely to use Ridgid wrenches, they will use the brand’s power tools, including saws, impact drivers, and drills.

Ridgid may not have many power tools in their portfolio or use advanced battery technology, but the ones the company makes are worth discussing.

The same company that produces Milwaukee tools also manufactures many Ridgid products.

It’s also worth noting that Ridgid tool warranties are some of the best in the industry.

With a comprehensive lifetime warranty backing its craftsmanship, it’s safe to say Ridgid is a brand that focuses on quality, not quantity.

3. DeWalt

Dewalt power tools

Another top choice of tools for professionals is DeWalt, one of the oldest and well-respected brands globally. Raymond E. DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw, began the company in 1923.

In 1960, Stanley Black+Decker acquired the DeWalt brand, and it was during this time DeWalt struggled to gain popularity.

Many professions considered the Black and Decker brand as inferior or amateurish.

However, Stanley Black+Decker successfully rebranding DeWalt in the 1990s as the leading brand for professionals.

DeWalt manufactures hundreds of tools and equipment, including cordless and corded tools, hand tools, and woodworking tools.

DeWalt also makes various toolboxes, job site aides, yard equipment, and plenty of accessories.

When it comes to the concrete and carpentry industries, many professionals say DeWalt offers the best tools on the market.

One way DeWalt stands apart from other brands is its lithium-ion batteries. DeWalt makes 12V, 18V, 20V, and 40V batteries for DeWalt cordless drills and yard equipment.

The DeWalt brand also has Flexvolt technology, which allows batteries to switch between 20V and 60V.

4. Klein Tools

Klein power tools

Mathias Klein is the man behind the origins of Klein Tools.

Since the 1850s, Klein and his descendants helped the company grow from manufacturing pliers for telecommunications and electrical services to a leading power tool brand.

Today, Klein hand tools are synonymous with electronics, construction, mining, and general industry. 

After 150 years, Klein continues to make the best tools and products for professionals who use them daily for many purposes.

They focus on quality materials, superior workmanship, and rigid manufacturing standards to ensure that all Klein products can handle any professional-grade job.

When it comes to power tools, Klein still delivers.

They have a line up of robust cordless crimpers, cable cutters, and an impact wrench that helps workers perform tasks quickly and efficiently with less effort.

The new Klein line uses DeWalt batteries for optimal performance.

Homeowners can find Klein tools at Home Depot and other hardware stores, while contractors can purchase Klein products from their local plumbing, HVAC and electrical wholesale suppliers.

5. Bosch


German company Bosch is a familiar name among contractors in various industries. Robert Bosch founded the brand in 1886.

Though the company manufactures exceptional products, Bosch has a reputation as a highly charitable brand, with philanthropic organization Robert Bosch Stiftung owning more than 90% of the brand.

The Bosch “home” division includes everything from home appliances to garden tools.

The brand’s power tools fall under this division, so it’s safe to say that Bosch targets homeowners more than professionals.

Though Bosch is substantially more expensive and higher quality than other tools for homeowners, its products are excellent options for anyone who takes their projects seriously, including hobbyists, semi-professionals, and professionals.

Contractors appreciate the quality, reliability, and robust performance of Bosch tools.

Thanks to the brand’s innovative batteries and technology, Bosch has an impressive lineup of cordless tools. Consumers can select anything from a cordless drill to a jigsaw. 

Despite the high cost, you can be confident in your tools’ quality if they carry the Bosch name.

🧰 The 5 Best Power Tool Brands for Homeowners

The power tool brands in the following section focus on those that are ideal for homeowners, DIY hobbyists, and semi-professional workers.

The list does include tools professional workers use as well.

However, the average person likely won’t use tools the same way we do, so it’s acceptable to purchase power tools of a lower cost and build quality.

The list below includes power tool brands in no particular order with durable products that are easy to use on any home project.

1. Craftsman

Craftsman power tools

The Craftsman brand got its start in 1927 as a Sears-owned company. Stanley Black+Decker later became Craftsman’s parent company, which helped propel the Stanley Black+Decker name as a household favorite within the United States.

Stanley Black+Decker acquired Craftsman in 2017 from Sears for $900 million, but the deal did not occur without incident.

The agreement lets both companies manufacture, sell, and market power tools and other products under the Craftsman brand, with Sears having a 15-year cap on brand name usage.

However, the marketing of Sear’s new line of professional-grade power tools called the “Craftsman Ultimate Collection” brand confused many consumers.

Sears’ marketing toted the new line of equipment and devices as the “real home” of Craftsman, which Stanley Black+Decker said was a violation of the original agreement.

Today, Craftsman has a wide array of high-quality corded, gas-powered, and battery-operated tools and outdoor equipment.

The most well-known Craftsman lineup is the Weedwhacker brand, which includes widely used string trimmers.

Craftsman also offers consumers a decent tool selection of other tools and accessories through its Versa System.

The system provides workroom storage and organizing solutions for tools like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, saws, and more.

Craftsman marketing targets homeowners and hobbyists, much like other Stanley Black+Decker products.

However, the quality, durability, and product range the company offers is attractive to many professionals.

2. Kobalt

Kobalt power tools

Like Craftsman, a retailer is responsible for the Kobalt brandLowe’s Home Improvement store created the brand in 1998. 

The hardware store still owns Kobalt today, though other manufacturing companies are responsible for designing and producing various products.

Lowe sells a decent range of corded and battery-operated power tools under the Kobalt brand and hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. 

Kobalt toolsets are popular among many homeowners.

One brand that is similar to Kobalt is Ryobi. Ryobi and Kobalt tools have a similar quality, but the former brand doesn’t have as many power tools in its lineup as the latter.

Some of the best cordless power tools Kobalt offers are within its new XTR lineup.

These cordless power tools are 50% more powerful than their predecessors and are ideal for semi pros.

Like other Kobalt tools, the XTR lineup gives consumers good value for their money.

Professionals and homeowners can use Kobalt tools without an issue.

The brand’s quality and price range fall in the middle, so it’s affordable enough for a casual DIYer but durable enough for woodworking.

3. Hitachi / Metabo HPT

Hitachi - Metabo HPT power tools

Hitachi is the former name of what consumers now know as Metabo HPT.

The brand deals in more than power tools.

Hitachi is a corporation that manufactures many products, including batteries, construction machinery, and aircraft components.

Hitachi also made power tools, but the KKR investment fund bought the division in 2017.

These days, the company is rebranding itself as Metabo HPT. It has a respectable lineup of hand and power tools, including drills, impact drivers, cut-off saws, and other cutting equipment.

Metabo HPT also manufactures an excellent collection of 18V tools and MultiVolt cordless power tools such as the brand’s 18V Triple Hammer impact driver.

Despite the brand’s quality of cordless devices and cutting equipment, the Metabo HPT system does not include a wide selection of cordless tools like other companies.

For instance, Makita and DeWalt have better choices, but Metabo HPT remains a compelling brand for semi-professionals who don’t mind spending a little extra on tools.

4. Makita

Makita power tools

As one of the most well-known power tool brands globally, Makita offers some of the best tools anyone can buy.

The Mosaburo Makita began the company in Japan in 1915.

Still, it wasn’t until Makita introduced a planer and drills in 1958 that it became the power tool enterprise we know today.

Makita’s current offerings include assorted items you could find at a workshop or construction site.

With Makita, you could get anything you’d need for a substantial renovation or building project, including a circular saw, impact driver, hammer drill, angle grinder, and more.

The company also has a good selection of pneumatic tools and outdoor equipment in its portfolio.

Makita products are stylish, simple, powerful, and high-quality, which you can see in its LXT sub-compact brushless motors series.

In addition to power tools, Makita also makes job site equipment like radios, fans, and cordless coffee makers.

Makita also has a reputation for its streamlined cordless system that focuses on convenience and simplicity, which homeowners and professionals appreciate.

Unlike other companies that require multiple batteries for their cordless systems, Matika tools feature one powerful voltage.

At one point, Japan manufactured all Makita products.

Today, many countries manufacture Makita tools, but the brand maintains its high-quality standards.

5. Ryobi

ryobi power tools

Another Japanese brand popular among homeowners and semi-professionals is Ryobi, which is under the power tools and outdoor equipment division of Techtronic Industries along with Milwaukee.

Though Milwaukee is one of the top choices for professionals, Ryobi is Techtronic Industries’ go-to brand for hobbyists and homeowners.

Known for its signature vibrant green color, Ryobi tools are highly affordable and less robust than professional power tool brands.

Ryobi products are ideal for anyone who likes to keep tools on hand for occasional projects and doesn’t intend to use them several days in a row at a construction site.

You can purchase various corded and cordless tools from the Ryobi lineup, like a drill set, circular saw, or impact driver.

Ryobi products may not be as robust as those within Milwaukee’s lineup, but their parent company manufactures tools to last for years with moderate use.

While they are not the best choice for constant heavy use, Ryobi power tools will get any DIY job done.

🧰 In Summary

The power tool industry includes many brands that claim to offer the best products for professionals and homeowners.

Navigating the market can be challenging, especially when big brand names compete with new companies.

However, recognizable power tool brands have years of experience, customer feedback, and manufacturing experimentation to help them stand apart from the competition.

When searching for the best power tool brand, you must consider everything from reputation to affordability to the product range.

If you’re a new DIYer, you could complete projects with affordable, quality tools from a new company.

Though if you’re looking to keep your cost low you can always rent tools.

If you are in the US, Home improvement stores like Lowe’s have a tool rental program you can leverage whenever you need the right tool for the job without the high cost of ownership.

A professional contractor may prefer to purchase goods from a manufacturer that stands the test of time and has many tools within its lineup.

We have also reviewed trade-specific tooling; if that interests you.

You can find more info here:

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Understanding what the top power tool companies have to offer consumers will help you determine which brand is best for your needs.

No brand will accommodate everyone, but there is a company that will work best for you, regardless of your experience level.

If you’re looking for an affordable and friendly HVAC company in your neighborhood, try Phyxter HVAC Services.

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