Contractor Spotlight Series – Jackie Elliot, Lady of the House Carpentry, Salmon Arm BC

Contractor Spotlight Series - Jackie Elliot, Lady of the House Carpentry, Salmon Arm BC

“Quality done right”. That’s what customers have come to expect when they hire Red Seal carpenter Jackie Elliott for any job.

Located in Salmon Arm, BC, Jackie operates Lady of the House Carpentry and has recently signed on as part of the Phyxter Home Services team: a co-op of local, qualified, and thoroughly vetted independent contractors whose mission is to offer first-class service at a fair price.

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Local Carpentry at its Best!

Jackie’s carpentry and finishing work range from total bathroom overhauls and custom entryway makeovers, to smaller jobs like changing out trim and painting.

She is a self-described perfectionist but with good reason.

“I have had the chance to work with many who took pride in their work and showed me to do so as well.

Along the way, I found home renovations were my calling and have specialized in this area now for 15 years”, says Jackie, who fell in love with carpentry at a young age in her grandpa’s workshop.

Now, it is Jackie’s customers who are falling in love with the quality work she produces.

Jackie from Lady in the House Carpentry completing a home renovation

Rave Reviews

“I found Jackie to be professional with a good eye for detail.

She is very good at interior decorating including gyprock, painting, tiling, and finishing. Jackie is outgoing, pleasant, and eager to please.

I would highly recommend Lady of The House Carpentry for your next project”, raved Debra Giles, one of Jackie’s most recent clients.

Currently a one-woman show, Jackie is excited about joining forces with the Phyxter Home Services team.

“I am excited to see what we can all do as a professional trade family. Working with a group of skilled professionals will be a game-changer for my company,” says Jackie, who is already changing the game in her own way.

With women making up only about 10% of the construction sector workforce, Jackie is a role model for other aspiring female carpenters, a responsibility she takes pride in and welcomes.

“I make sure the job is done right without cutting corners. 

Through an exceptional work ethic and attention to detail, I love being a strong, positive role model while supporting my two beautiful daughters and other women in the industry,” she notes.

Joining Forces with Phyxter Home Services

Jackie from Lady in the House Carpentry with Jake from Phyxter Home Services

“Phyxter is a new-age trades cooperative, so we are thrilled about having Jackie join the Phyxter family.

Not only is she an amazing carpenter, but she’s an exceptional role model for aspiring women tradespeople.

She is hopefully the first of many female skilled labourers at Phyxter as we grow the right way.” states Jake Gibson, founder of Phyxter Home Services.

All of the contractors at Phyxter are thrilled to have Jackie join the Phyxter family and value the meaningful work Jackie is doing with her tools and through inspiring other women in trades.

To learn more about Lady of the House Carpentry and Phyxter’s one-stop shop for any home services, visit Lady of the House Carpentry.

Ryan Keliher

Phyxter Content Specialist

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