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How to determine when you need an emergency service technician

Everyone is good at something, and luckily there are some fantastic local companies available when you need them most…but when is that? Whether it's your furnace or air conditioner, your system will need emergency service during the life of your home. Can you determine whether it's an emergency or if it's only a minor repair that's needed?

This article helps homeowners determine if their furnace or air conditioning needs emergency service or not.

What to look for:

Your HVAC system is making funny noises

Whether it's a light tapping sound caused by a loose fan belt or a whistling sound produced by a dirty filter, some noises are relatively typical and mean that you need to hire a pro to perform routine maintenance. Now, if you hear a loud banging from improper combustion or screeching sound from your air handler, then you should definitely be concerned, especially if it's the middle of winter. If you recognize noises like this, you should contact a local HVAC service provider immediately.

Yellow Pilot Flame

Your properly fueled (air & gas) pilot light should be blue. If you notice it's yellow, then you should immediately turn off your gas, open your windows, go outside, and call your local service technician. Now, if you're wondering why it's because carbon monoxide can kill. 

Strange Smells

Do you smell rotten eggs? How about smoke, gas, or burning plastic? These smells can mean that your furnace, water heater, or boiler could be improperly burning fuel or that there might be an electrical problem. You might have a carbon monoxide problem, or you might have a potential electrical fire on your hands. Immediately shut off your gas and the power and call your local HVAC service technician.

You're not sure if your furnace is working.

You've turned your thermostat up, but the temperature isn't climbing, but you go to the furnace room, and it sounds like it's running. Your system might be running, but it could be tripping on and off for a variety of reasons (usually a dirty filter). If you feel cold air coming out of the vents and it's cold, then you might have a breakdown and require a service technician. 

Yellow Pilot Flame

Your properly fueled (air & gas) pilot light should be blue. If you ever notice that it's yellow, then you should immediately turn off your gas, open your windows, go outside, and then call your local service technician. You might wonder why; because carbon monoxide can kill. 

Carbon Monoxide or Smoke Alarm

This one is pretty simple; please don't be the person that unplugs their smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and ignores; yes, people do this. If your carbon monoxide alarm sounds, it means that your furnace or heating system has a combustion issue (maybe a cracked heat exchanger or a restricted flue pipe). Turn off your system and call a pro to come to look at it.

When should you call an HVAC service technician to help?


You need to determine this yourself. If it's mid-night and forty below, then what do you think you should do; call a service company immediately. Or, if it's carbon monoxide or smoke then quickly get you and your family outside and call in the emergency. 

Where you should start to avoid the HVAC emergency.


It's quite easy …it's called preventative maintenance, and almost every single HVAC service company offers customized maintenance plans. They're inexpensive and give you peace of mind…plus, a lot of companies provide priority service and discounted new equipment installations with their plans. If you need service company recommendations, let us know; we have a massive list of pre-screened contractors that are waiting to take care of your home comfort system.


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