What Is the Average Furnace Repair Cost?

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For millions of homeowners across the States and Canada, winter is underway.

In some areas with extreme cold, failing furnaces are the number one headache.

A healthy furnace helps you maintain your home’s energy efficiency. When a heating system works at top performance, you save money on heating expenses.

And timely repairs keep your home safe from fuel and carbon monoxide leaks.

If you’re wondering what to do about your furnace as temperatures continue to drop, read this.

We will explore the cost of unexpected furnace repairs and how to save money.

Common Furnace Problems

Whether you use your furnace only one season out of the year or more, common issues arise with it.

These issues lead to repair costs down the road.

Lack of monitoring and maintenance of your furnace can result in leaks and other concerns.

Filters need to be changed and there’s also a need to check the ducts, vents, and pipes.

Don’t forget the thermostat is a valuable part of the system as well. So, check the batteries, fuses, and wiring.

Also, pay attention to false readings. Dirty filters can result in furnace problems as well.

When a filter’s clouded with dirt, it reduces airflow and affects the temperature in a room.

Watch out for basic wear and tears. Everything has a lifespan. So does your furnace.

Even basic use can slowly break it down. Listen and watch for failing parts.

Furnace Repairs Cost Considerations

Depending on the severity of issues with your furnace, repair costs can vary. To estimate the cost of furnace restoration, there are several factors to consider first.


Size and age matters, especially when it comes to a furnace. Repair assessment takes into consideration how old and how large the furnace is.

How well the heating option runs factors in as well. Also, if the furnace is ten or more years old, it might be time to replace it.

These aspects spell out the actual condition of the system and how much comes out of your pocket.

Service and Labor

Service visits aren’t free. Contractors charge for showing up to your home to inspect the furnace. And, they bill you for labor.

Expect to figure in the price of the visit and labor when figuring out repair costs.


When the furnace is no longer under warranty, expect to pay to replace parts that aren’t covered.

Depending on the type of furnace, replacing parts could cost you in the hundreds. The blower motor, gas burners and manifold, and ignition controls add up close to $1500. That’s the very least.

The Average Cost of Repairs

While there is no set figure, gentle repairs aren’t that costly. But that still depends on the type of furnace you have. You could pay less than $200 or more than $400.

The average cost of furnace repairs sits between $132 and $1200. This range doesn’t include costs for service and labor. Labor that bills by the hour can cost from $50 upwards.

Service Your Furnace

With winter underway and lower temperatures ahead, furnace repairs are inevitable. 

Stay ahead of servicing. Monitor and maintain your furnace to save your wallet in the days to come.

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