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How To Use Facebook Analytics for Your Skilled Trades Business: An Introduction

Running a Facebook business page can be hard work. It’s important to consistently check that your efforts are paying off, and the most obvious way is to look at statistical evidence. Lucky for us, Facebook empowers business pages with “Insights” to see how their page is doing. Throughout this article, we are assuming your main goal is to get more followers/likes on your business page.

Access Page Insights

In order to get to the insights section, follow these steps:

Go to your Facebook page and click on “Go to Business Manager to manage this page” link on the top of the page. (Alternate: log in to business.facebook.com and select the relevant page instead)  

Click on the Insights button on the top bar.

Which Stats Matter?

As soon as you open the dashboard, you’ll be hit with a huge amount of data. Great, but what exactly do you do with it? Below, we mention the easiest and most relevant data to track so that you can have a basic (yet complete) idea of how well your page is doing.

Overview: A snapshot of the main data you need on a daily basis to check on the health of your page.  

TIP: You know that competitor plumbing business which has a killer Facebook page? You can add it to the “Pages to Watch” tab. It’ll help you compare your basic stats with competitor pages. Trust us, seeing your page slowly catch up and then surpass your competition has a different kind of satisfaction attached to it.

Likes: Click to see your total likes and how, and where, you’re getting those likes.

TIP: Use the timings on your “unlikes” to figure out which content isn’t doing too hot with your audience.


Posts: Click to get an idea of which and what type of posts do well on your page. You can even use it to see what other pages are doing 😉

TIP: Use the “When your fans are online” section to figure out the best times to post.

People: Use this dashboard to learn more about who likes your page. You can use this data to curate more relevant data (even the type of post).

As always, leave any questions or comments in the section below! 

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