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HVAC To Go Supply Inc. – Where Good Help is Easy to Find

Before opening HVAC To Go Supply Inc, Diana Macar spent thirteen years on the other side of wholesale counters, working in her family-run installation company. During that time, she noticed a big problem that many small companies regularly faced when dealing with wholesalers. Macar recalled, “You were treated a certain way based on how much you were spending. If you weren’t a big account, then you weren’t getting the level of service that you deserved.” Recognizing that a significant segment of the market was underserved, she jumped at the opportunity to open HVAC To Go with the mission of providing better wholesale service for companies both small and large.

For the past six years, Macar has provided a one-stop shop for all HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs in the GTA. Conveniently located in Concord, Ontario, HVAC to Go carries an array of brand name supplies and equipment in its 5000 square foot warehouse. With an accessible physical location as well as a robust online shop, HVAC to Go is ready to help clients connect with their customers. The company primarily serves residential and small to mid-size companies but is eager and equipped to expand its commercial and hydronic customer base. Macar, who has developed strong supply networks with manufacturers from all across North America, guarantees the low prices that she knows her clients need, but she believes that honesty and respect are what set her business apart and keep customers coming back.

“They (clients) feel at home and welcome here. They are treated as individuals instead of account numbers. The person with the $20 order deserves the same service as the person with the $2000 order,” says Macar, who is passionate about her customer-focused approach after her own experiences of being a small fish in a big pond. “I treat everybody equally. Prices are the same for all customers. If you are my customer, no matter how big or small, you are getting my best price. They seem to appreciate that.”

Macar thoroughly enjoys getting to know her clients and works diligently to build longstanding relationships with all of her customers. She is known to stay late, open on Sundays, and provide free last-minute delivery for clients in a pinch. “It feels good when you can help somebody. Whether it is with product knowledge or technical advice, I always work my hardest to provide the best products and service for my clients. Being able to come through when these guys need me, that's the best part of my job.”

Phyxter applauds Diana's passion for helping businesses succeed. We wish Diana and the entire HVAC To Go team continued success in their Concord location, as well as with their vision of expanding to Niagara Falls and Barrie. For more about HVAC To Go, check out hvactogo.ca or hvactogoshop.com.

Written by Ryan Keliher

Phyxter Content Specialist

HVAC To Go Supply Inc. Contact Details 

Phone: (905) 761-5926

Website: https://hvactogo.ca/

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