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Increase your Visibility Using Social Media - (a 4-part series)

Welcome to another Phyxter blog series! A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cooler? A well-optimized Facebook page! (Note: that was a movie reference, we are aware that a million $$$ is plenty cool) That’s what this series is about - getting you on Facebook so that you can use it to boost your sales, and, be more visible and connected to potential customers.

With this blog series, we start with creating a Facebook page for your business. By the end of this series, you will:

have a well-optimized Facebook page for your business

know how to engage with your audience and get good reviews

not only know how to run a Facebook ad campaign, but we’ll teach you some tricks so you can get max engagement all while spending less of your hard-earned money.

Let’s start with the first part, creating a page!

You will need:

A Facebook Account

Pictures (for your profile picture and cover photo), you can use pexels.com for royalty-free stock photos.

15 minutes

That’s it! You can log on to Facebook and carry out this process step-by-step, or come back to this post after each step for a refresher. Let’s Get started!

Step 1:

Click the “Create” button and choose “Page”

Step 2:

Choose the “Business or Brand” option.

Step 3:

Fill in the required information, be sure to add your complete address as people may wish to find out where you are located using your Facebook page! As we have mentioned previously, the most common search term for skilled trades businesses is “XYZ near me”. Including a correct address increases your chances of getting seen by potential customers.

Step 4:

Add a profile and cover picture. Your profile picture should clearly express what your business stands for. It can be a company logo, or if you don’t have one, it can be a featured deal. Your cover photo should do the same!

For Wholesalers, your cover photo can be your amazingly organized warehouse or a flyer for your recent sale!

For Service Providers, your cover photo can be of you and your bad-a$$ truck (smile, you and that truck look made-for-each-other) or even a generic tradesperson stock photo. You can find royalty-free stock photos on pexels.com

Step 5:

Your page is live! Now add further information to have a well-optimized page. You can see a list of ‘suggested next steps’ on your Facebook page. By the end of this series, that should disappear!

Step 6:

Add a description. Tell your customers about your awesomeness or why they should buy your services or products. You are the best plumber since Mario, tell them why they should use your services! This is one of the places where a little bragging won't hurt!

Step 7:

Edit the About Section. Click on ‘About’ located on the left panel, below your profile picture, if you can’t see it, click on ‘see more’. Click on ‘edit page info’. Add as much information as you can. You can add your contact number, email, link other social media profiles, etc. You can also add your employees as ‘team members’.

Step 8:

Choose your username. This will also appear on your URL, so be sure to make it short, sweet and simple. For example, it could be @XYZPlumbing or @ABCWholesale.

Tip: If your preferred name is taken, try small modifications, like adding a location (ABCWholesaleTO), instead of numbers.

Step 9:

Add a Button. The button will reflect your goals for your Facebook page. Is your goal to get more followers? Or you want to encourage more people to buy your products online? Or perhaps more engagement like contacting you via Facebook for booking your services? There is a list of possible button options for different goals, make your pick!

Step 10:

Invite your friends and family to like the page. Ring up that network, we know it's huge!

That’s it! The next part is to start engaging with your audience. We will have a post about that next week!

I hope you found this page useful. As always, feel free to contact us at info@phyxter.ai or leave a comment below!

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