A Useful Guide To Painting Your Home’s Exterior

A Useful Guide To Painting Your Home's Exterior | Phyxter Home Services

Few people realize the importance of the house exterior. Painting your house exterior gives your house a new and unique identity and soul, and makes your living in it more comfortable.

Did you know that a new paint can last up to 20 years?

On the other hand, the whole painting procedure may require several important steps, which, with careful organization, professional help, and good quality colors, will give your house a completely new outlook and keep you wondering why you didn’t do it much earlier.

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A clean surface is extremely important before starting to paint. This is because even if all other steps were taken well, a dirty and unscraped surface may lead to premature paint deterioration.

Therefore, make sure you thoroughly clean the surface before any paintwork.

However, be careful about washing in terms of the material that constitutes your house surface. If, for example, it is made of wood, be careful not to soak the wood with water by using high-pressure washers.

Thus, always examine the material before washing and take into consideration the fact you may damage it, so choose the safest washing option. Furthermore, pay attention to what washing option you’re using and beware of strong chemicals that may be dangerous.

Depending on what type of material your surface is made of, choose wisely washing means. For example, if it proves not harmful to your exterior surface, you can use, for example, approximately 4 liters of water mixed with a cup of chlorine bleach, also with one more cup of phosphate-free cleaner.

Once you have washed the exterior meticulously, then you can move one to the next important step.

Washing before painting


All the paint remains, bubbles, and other imperfections have to be removed. On the other hand, you may avoid scraping by hand since it may take you ages until you finish, and you may also damage the surface if you go too deep at some point in your scraping job.

Instead, you should contact an exterior painting contractor and thus hire a professional to scrape and paint all your house exterior within a short period of time. You may consider this idea since hand scraping is no match to powerful grinders and sanders, which maximally reduce the risk of damage, do the job much better, and certainly much faster.

Therefore, always seek professional help from painting contractors since this has become an indispensable part of good quality painting.


Sanding is another important part of pre-painting chores. Again, it is always a better idea to do sanding using a random-orbit or pad sander make, as this will substantially speed up the process.

Of course, if you are sanding yourself, make sure you use a respirator, or at least a face mask, for you don’t want to inhale any paint dust. Finally, once sanding is finished, you should fill small cracks and dents, repair or replace all damaged pieces.

Lastly, be careful about rotten parts, especially sidings. It is important to scrape them off completely since paint doesn’t stick to rotten surfaces; even if it seems it can stick to it, it will only be a matter of time when it will peel off.


Priming is essential when it comes to painting your house. A primer will make sure that the paint adequately adheres to the area you’re planning to paint. When it comes to the very prime application, make sure you follow a certain order.

For example, you should paint the siding first by starting at the top and then proceeding down to the bottom. Ideally, use a scaffold, but if you don’t have one, you may use a ladder. Next, paint the windows and be careful not to close them immediately after priming or painting, since you don’t want your windows to get stuck to the frame. Finally, prime the foundation.

One of the most applicable primers is the acrylic primer because it sticks on almost all surfaces. If, however, you have redwood and/or cedar, then you should definitely opt for oil-based coatings. Also, some painters tint the prime in a similar color to that of the paint they are going to use, so you may also follow this step.


Before painting, always plan it in advance and thereby consider many options and nuances. One of the most important choices is the color of the paint.

This, however, can sometimes be tricky and hard. For example, although some colors may look great and be your or your husband/wife’s favorite, they still may not look well on your house simply because of your surroundings.

Therefore, apart from personal style and wishes, make sure you take into account many other factors. For instance, you should consider how a certain color fits with the environment, whether it is surrounded by great nature or steel buildings.

Also, make a connection with your backyard and/or front yard, gates, etc. Once you have made a careful choice on the color of your paint, then you can start this final step of transforming your house.

When it comes to the type, people usually choose between acrylic and oil-based paints, but you should know that the former offers much better performance and quality. Also, you may use a spray as it is much faster, but if you lack experience then you should certainly hire a professional.

Regardless of whether you or your painter does the job, make sure the following steps are respected:

  1. Paint from the top to the bottom
  2. Avoid painting in the sun, but paint in the shade
  3. Paint in good weather
  4. Use scaffold or ladder

Professional help

Generally speaking, most people do not have special training in painting, since it may be much more complex than you may have thought. On the other hand, many people like doing house chores on their own and in their fashion.

Nevertheless, exterior painting is no ordinary house chore, for it requires carefully planned actions and professionals to get the job done. In that way, consulting painting contractors can prevent your summer house painting from becoming a disaster.

Painting is an important life venture that you and your family should enjoy because you will get your home a completely new face. Hence, with professional help and care, you will get all the advice and instructions needed, and make the dreams of your house come true!

Russell Jones

VP of Operations @ Phyxter and Home Improvement Specialist

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