4 Temporary Solutions After An Accident Hits Your House

Damaged Home

A home is a sanctuary that is supposed to provide safety and comfort. It is a place to relax and unwind after a long day.

And although every homeowner invests in ensuring their home is as safe as possible, accidents can still happen.

Minor accidents are easy to deal with. All you have to do is fix a broken pipe or change a lightbulb, and everything will return to normal.

It is the primary accident you should worry about. This kind of accident can cause extensive damage to your home and disrupt your life for months.

If you have recently been hit with a significant accident, here are four temporary solutions to help you get back on your feet.

1. Find a Place to Stay

Your home is the most comfortable place to be, but it is also the most dangerous place to be if it is not in a livable condition.

If you have been hit with an accident that has left your home unsafe, find a place to stay until you can make repairs.

It can be a friend or family member’s house, a hotel, or even a rental property. The most important thing is that you find a safe place to stay.

If you have pets, make sure to find a place that is pet friendly as well. The last thing you want is to be displaced and worry about finding a place for your pets. You can use websites like Airbnb to find pet-friendly rentals in your area.

When finding a place to stay temporarily, make sure to take into account the cost. You will be responsible for all accommodation expenses if you are not insured.

You can try to get a reimbursement from your insurance company, but it is not guaranteed. The best thing to do is to start looking for a place to stay as soon as possible.

2. Make Temporary Adjustments

Sometimes, your house may still be habitable even after a serious accident. In this case, you can make some temporary adjustments to make your home more livable.

For example, if your roof has been damaged, you can put a tarp over the hole to prevent rain. If your windows have been broken, you can put up plywood or plastic sheeting to keep the elements out.

And if your plumbing has been damaged, you can use a portable toilet until you can make repairs. Getting a power generator is also good if you are without power. It will allow you to have some basic amenities like lights and refrigeration.

Renting a boiler can be a great way to heat your home if you’ve experienced an accident that has left your house without power.

It can be much less expensive than buying one and is a great way to heat your home and have hot water while your repairs are being made.

However, it will be good to read more about renting a boiler before deciding. Select one that is the right size for your home and has all the features you need.

It would be best if you also compared prices from different companies to get the best deal. Please read the fine print carefully to understand the terms and conditions and any associated fees before signing a rental agreement.

You will also need to ensure that the company you rent from is reputable and that their customer service is top-notch in case of any problems.

3. Talk to Your Insurance Company

Homeowners insurance is there for a reason to help you in case of an accident. You should first call your insurance company. They will send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine how much your insurance will cover.

It is important to note that every insurance policy is different. Some policies cover more than others. And some policies have exclusions, which means certain types of accidents are not covered.

So, you must read your policy carefully before an accident happens. That way, you will know what to expect from your insurance company, and you will not be surprised by any exclusions.

If you have questions about your policy, do not hesitate to call your insurance company and ask. It is their job to help you understand your policy, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions.

If your insurance does not cover your accident, do not worry. There are other options available to you. You can consider taking out a loan or using your savings to pay for the repairs.

Storage locker

4. Rent a Storage Unit

If your house is not livable after an accident, you must find a place to store your belongings. Even if you can still live in your house, you need a place to store all your items as you conduct the necessary repairs and renovations.

The best option is to rent a storage unit. This will give you a place to store all your belongings and protect from the elements. When choosing a storage unit, pick one that is clean and dry. You do not want your belongings damaged while they are in storage.

Ensure the storage unit is big enough to accommodate all your belongings. You do not want to store things in your car or at a friend’s house.

And finally, make sure that the storage unit is close to your house. This will make it easier for you to access your belongings when needed.

Alternatively, you can rent a shipping container if you need a more practical storage option. Shipping containers are great for storing large items like furniture.

They are also weather-resistant, so the elements do not have to worry about damaging your belongings. You can also put it on your property, so you benefit from the convenience of having it close by.


You can quickly get confused and frustrated after an accident. But if you follow these four steps, you can get your life back on track in no time.

When ready for the repairs, ensure you work with a professional. They will be able to help you get your house back to its former glory.

Russell Jones

Russell, a native Australian and VP of Operations at Phyxter Home Services, is also part-owner of Vernon Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical Services. When he's not busy with work projects and renovations, Russell enjoys putting his vast knowledge of home improvement to good use by sharing his tips and tricks.

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