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The Different Types of Posts You Can Post on Facebook

Your Facebook business page is only as good as your content. What will help you attract more customers and retain them, is quality content. Before we talk about what to post, it’s important to understand the different forms in which you could post. 


How to post to your Facebook Page

When you open your business page, the “Write Something…” box is where you can create send posts. 

TIP: Make sure that you’re posting as your business and not using your business profile. This can be done by looking at the circular image next to the “write something…”. If it isn’t your business page’s logo, just click it to select the relevant page. (IMAGE)


Types of Posts


Images are the first choice for any Facebook post. They are easy and quick to create. They also give 2.3 times more engagement than posts without any visuals. So, the next time you’re posting about your upcoming AC sale, make sure to add a picture of it. Also, remember to keep your styling and tone consistent. It will help you establish your brand.

Tip 1: Look at this cheat sheet for image size dimensions for Facebook. 

Tip 2: Look at these FREE online tools to help you create better images for your social media.  


You can share links on Facebook. If you have a company blog, this is where your articles on energy-efficient bulbs can shine! Make sure to include a nice thumbnail to encourage engagement. 

Also, instead of just paraphrasing the article, add a short witty/funny statement. Go ahead, show us your sales skills in those two sentences.


If you believe the adage (and you’d be dumb not to) that says to follow where the money goes, you’ll realize the importance and profitability of videos because of the amount of money Facebook is pumping into this feature. Live videos and longer videos have a high priority with Facebook’s algorithm. 

Instead of (JUST) writing a blog article about how to fix a frozen-up AC on your own, you could make a video walking your customers through the process! This is relevant content in a preferable method. 


You can use features such as polls and questions if your audience engages with those. Never be afraid to experiment with Facebook as you never know what might end up working with your niche audience. 

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