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Tips on How to Create a Marketing Strategy for your Facebook Business Page

 You have a Facebook Page. You know what types of posts you can schedule. But what about the actual content? We know that posting about the new Klein toolset is very interesting, but sadly, not to your customers!

This section will give help you decide a basic marketing strategy for your Facebook page. It’ll tell you what to post when to post, and how to manage your audience.

Identify Your Audience

Your Facebook page will be successful only if you post relevant content for your audience. To determine the relevancy of your content, you need to figure out who your audience is. Plus, you need to confirm that you are attracting the audience you want.

STEP 1: Build A Customer/Audience Persona. Use one of these templates to determine your ideal audience member. As a skilled trades business, you’re probably interested in homeowners. But think more specifically, who usually makes decisions to call up your business and book an appointment?

STEP 2: Check your Insights to see who your current audience is. See which of your posts are doing well.

STEP 3: Depending on the results, plan your content accordingly. It should fit your audience, their likes, and the type of content they engage with generally.

Tip: Look at your competition.

Do you know a competitor page that does really well and has a similar target audience? You can see what type of posts they post and their schedule. Replicating that is an easy bet since they are already quite successful with your target audience.

Use a Content Calendar

Devoting a few hours to Facebook isn’t realistic for everyone. The most efficient way is to plan a content calendar. You can use ours!

With the calendar, you can plan your posts in advance. Select the time and the content for each day and then add it to Facebook. We add content bi-weekly. You can create a schedule based on your posting needs and time availability.

Tip 1: Use Facebook Insights to figure out the best time to post your content.

Tip 2: You can even use scheduling tools. Check out Publer. We use Publer ourselves and love their platform, but to be fully transparent, we also get paid for referring them.

Manage Customers

You should now have an idea about what to post and when, but you should also know how to manage your audience. You are known for your customer service in the field, and you need to make sure you bring it to your Facebook page too! Here are a few best practices.

  • Respond to all comments and questions on your Facebook page.
  • Do your customers leave comments on posts? Like and respond to them.
  • Do they post on the community wall? Like and comment on it too! 
  • Did someone recommend your page? Thank them!
  • Use Messenger to interact with your audience. You can automate basic greetings in case someone reaches out to you using Messenger.

Tip: If your Messenger is really popping, you may want to consider a Chatbot. There are many affordable options on the market.

Contact us at info@phyxter.ai, and we can help you select one!

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our next article, leave a comment below! 

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