Who to Call About Water Heater Repair

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Who to Call About Water Heater Repair

Nobody ever plans for their water heater to admit defeat. It’s one of those things you forget even in your home until the next time you need it repaired or replaced.

But, like any machine, it has a limited shelf life, and it’s important to know who to call for water heater repair when you need it.

So, join us today as we break down water heater repair services by who supplies them and who’s better for your job.

Plumber or Electrician?

Plumber or Electrician for a Water Heater Repair

So, who fixes water heaters? When it comes to this problem, plumbers are uniquely qualified to handle problems stemming from wear and tear or specific breaks.

They have been trained in water repair issues as part of their training. This covers electrical wiring, piping, elements used in heating, gas lines, and anode rods.

Of course, not every problem with a water heater is with the water heater. Sometimes, the problem you’re having can indicate a bigger problem with your house, in general.

This can often be traced back to the electrical system, a system with which your plumber will have no experience. In these cases, you should call an electrician. 

Let’s take a closer look:

Problems That Require an Electrician

As covered, an electrician will be the more appropriate answer if your problem stems from a bigger issue with your electrical wiring.

Some symptoms of this kind of issue may include:

  • Water heaters that consistently drop circuit breakers, causing outages in specific areas of the house. 
  • Any locked or overheated locking unit, which indicates an electrical fault. 
  • Notably loose wiring in the heater unit itself.

Issues That Call for a Plumber

Of course, when you don’t need electrical work done, most if not all plumbers should be able to address the problem themselves.

Call up your local plumber if any of the following symptoms rear their ugly heads:

  • your water heater is whistling or making otherwise odd sounds 
  • rusty water leaking from the heater
  • low pressure or no hot water
  • test light that refuses to light

“Water Heater Repair Near Me”? Now You Know Who To Call

If your water heater stopped working tomorrow morning, would you know who to call?

These systems are complicated machines that can take a lot of pressure over the course of their lifetimes. You may get away with a basic repair, or you might need a new water heater.

Whether through neglect or simple wear-and-tear, they can and will eventually give out in some way.

And, because most of us aren’t plumbers or electricians, we tend not to notice there’s a problem until the very last minute.

The answer to the question of who to call for water heater repair is another question. “Is the problem with the heater or your house?”

You can tell before you start calling water heater repair companies. You can’t.

But, hopefully, with the aid of today’s article, you’ll have the tools you need to make an informed decision the next time you need to.

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