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Why Online Reviews Matter & How To Deal With Them Efficiently (Part 2)

Last week we learned the importance of online reviews in boosting your sales and how to leave a review on Google. This week we teach you how to generate those sales-promoting online reviews. You will also learn how to stop negative reviews from killing your business.

How to Generate Online Reviews to Boost Sales.

Now that you know how to leave a review, let’s learn how to encourage customers to leave a review for you on Google. Of course, there are a few customers that don’t require an extra nudge to leave a review, but many do!


Asking politely for a review goes a long way. People are generally willing to leave a review if they are satisfied with your work and if let them know you would really appreciate it. Remember a few things:

You can ask them face-to-face, via email, on the phone, or on social media. It depends on the type of communication you have with a specific customer.

Ask for a review AFTER the completion of a job.

Your customer may not know how to post a review. Have the information on hand (See the ‘ADDITIONAL TIPS’ portion of this section for further information) so you can provide the customer with assistance when required.

Remind the customer that it is a 5-minute task and thank them. They are doing you a favor by taking time out of their schedule to leave your review.

Do not be afraid to send them a reminder. But do not be pushy about it. One reminder should suffice. If they do not leave a review even after that, they probably don’t want to.

If you have some long-standing patrons, a great way to get their review would be to send them an email thanking them for their continued support, how appreciative you are for their business and a gentle nudge to leave a review. This also improves your customer relations.


This is a slightly risky territory. You NEVER want to buy a good review. Not only is it unethical, but your customers will not trust your review if they are all 5 stars. But, you could always incentivize customers with a discount offer on their next service if they give a review. Just remember to highlight that it doesn’t have to be a 5-star review and that you’re only looking for an honest review.


Always respond to online reviews! (See the next section to learn how to deal with negative online reviews) You can manage online reviews by going on your Google Business Manager homepage and clicking on the ‘Review’ button on the left panel. People like to know that their effort is appreciated. A simple, “Thank you for your comment!” is good enough…but who ever strives for good enough;)


Have a direct link you can provide your customers that prompts them to leave a review. (Note: they need to have a Google account in order to leave a review). Follow the next 4 steps to get your direct link.

Step 1:

Search for your business on Google and click on the “Write a review” button.

Step 2:

Copy the link

Step 3:

Use an online URL shortener. We recommend https://bitly.com/ You can just paste the link and generate a shortened link. You can also create a free account if you want to customize the link or track the usage of the link.

Step 4:

Once the link is generated, copy it and use as required!

You can also add this link to your email signature and on your social media pages. Just hyperlink a “We would love to hear back from you! Click here to leave a review” and add it to your email signature or on your social media pages.

Create an aid sheet for your customers that walks them through the process of leaving a review. Remember the following: it should be short and sweet, and it should be linked so all that a customer must do is click to leave a review. If you want a Free customized aid sheet for your customers, just send us an email at info@phyxter.ai with your company information and logo (if you have one).

How to Stop Negative Reviews from Killing your Business

An unavoidable aspect, in the world of online reviews, is getting negative reviews. Most customers will jump straight to the lowest rated review; making it even more vital to deal with a negative review promptly and effectively. However, don’t think of negative reviews as a curse. Rather, it is an opportunity to make a connection with a customer.

So, what do you do when you see a person has given you a bad review?

Be proactive! Always be on the lookout for any review (remember? Respond to your reviews!) and once you see a bad review, address it. Do not leave a bad review unanswered. To respond you will need to go to your Google my business homepage.

Be respectful and apologize. I cannot exaggerate how harmful being disrespectful and defensive can be as it paints you and your business in a bad light. Even if you disagree with their review, apologize for the bad experience and acknowledge their input. This way, your potential customers see that you are a reasonable and tactful person.

If possible, ask them to offer you a second chance to make things right. You may have already done so before, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate this (especially online). If the customer agrees and is later happy with your work, politely ask them to change their review.

If there is no turning the ship around, just wish them well.

This will be the end of your guide! I hope you found it helpful and informative. We will be back next with another easy to follow ‘how to…’ guide. Remember to send us an email if you want that free customized aid sheet!

If you have any questions or comments. Leave them in the comments section below. Or feel free to shoot us an email at info@phyxter.ai


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