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Why Choose Phyxter HVAC Services for your AC Repair needs?

Air Conditioning repair can be expensive and time-consuming if not done right! Most homeowners don’t have the time to deal with an HVAC emergency, which is why you need Phyxter for your AC repairs. Our experienced contractors are available 24/7 to diagnose any issues and get your unit back up and running quickly.

Don’t just call anyone when you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning system or furnace because it could lead to further damage that will cost even more money down the line.

Call Phyxter HVAC Services of Simpsonville today for fast service from our expert contractors who know how to fix all makes and models. We offer a full range of air conditioning services for your heating and cooling system. Your home comfort is our number one priority so give us a call at (864) 894-2111 and schedule an appointment.

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Helping Your AC Keep You Cool

appliances. Running for hours per day every day of the week can put a considerable amount of strain on various major components and it’s not uncommon to have something give out from all that stress.

At Phyxter HVAC Services, our job is to find out what has gone wrong with your AC and then fix the issue so it can work for you once more!

We fix all types of Air Conditioning Issues, including:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Compressor Issues
  • Fluctuating and Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Strange Sounds or Smells
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Air Duct Problems
  • Indoor Humidity Issues

HVAC System Not Keeping You Cool?


5 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

1. Too much noise – A little bit of noise is typical for air conditioners. If the sound gets louder, then something might have come loose, and it’s better to call in your Phyxter repair specialists before you run into more problems.

2. Blowing warm air – What is your AC for if it’s not stopping you from overheating? This could be either because of a problem with the thermostat or a problem with cooling.

3. Leaking unit – You could have a water line that’s leaking, or it could be that your AC is freezing over due to a dirty filter or evaporator coil, and it’s now melting. Either way, you want the experts from Phyxter to come to check it out.

4. Your energy bills are too high – If you have the AC running all day long to keep your indoor environment cool, then you’ll end up paying for it. Air conditioners usually work in cycles: they turn on and off periodically, so they don’t overwork themselves. If your machine isn’t working at 100%, this means that it will constantly be on doing overtime!

5. Your AC stinks! – If you notice a musty smell or dusty air, the problem is probably that your ducts need cleaning. But if there’s ever an acrid burning odor coming from your unit, then it may be time to get help immediately.

Need Air Conditioning Service or Repair?


Repair Vs. Replacement

The choice between repairing or replacing a broken air conditioning unit is tough. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth the time and money you’ll spend on repair when you could just buy a new one in its place for less than what an A/C repair will cost.

Your AC is older than 10 years – Depending on use, environment, and maintenance levels, an AC unit’s life can vary. But keep in mind that 10 years plus, if your AC dies, you may want to think twice about repairing it again because this type usually doesn’t last very long after breaking down so soon.

It requires R22 Freon – Your air conditioning unit may be on the way to becoming extinct because of a new regulation that went into effect in 2020. If your unit requires Freon, its cost will increase as supplies become scarce, and so it’s time for you to start considering replacement options now before prices go up.

It needs repair after repair – Frequent AC repair or Heat Pump repair doesn’t have to break the bank. Our team is happy to come in and fix your unit, but if repairs are needed more than three times a year, then you’ll be better off with an affordable new HVAC system instead of paying for expensive fixes all summer long!

Phyxter tech conducting AC installation

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