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Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Options for Your Home or Business

Heat pumps act like an air conditioner in the summer and a heater in the winter, helping you enjoy year-round indoor comfort and substantial energy savings. A heat pump uses a small amount of electricity to draw heat out of the outdoor air and into your home or business in the winter. Then, during the summer season, the heat pump reverses and pulls cool air from the outside air outside and pumps it into your home.

These types of systems offer the ultimate in flexibility and energy efficiency. At Phyxter Home Services, we can assist you in determining whether a heat pump is the best solution for your home or business. Call us today to schedule your estimate for heat pump installation.

Dial (778) 745-0041 now and get your complimentary estimate for heat pump installation or a heat pump replacement in Vernon or anywhere in the North Okanagan and the surrounding communities.

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How a Heat Pump Can Save You Money!

As far as Canadian climates go, Vernon’s is mild, making it the perfect place to use a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs. While a furnace burns fuel to create the heat you need, a heat pump shifts heat into your home and uses the refrigerant to transfer it. In AC mode, the heat pump draws the heat from inside your home into the refrigerant and shakes it off outside, giving you a cooling effect. This is far more efficient than traditional cooling systems.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

Offer higher efficiency temperature control
A Heat Pump shifts and recycles heat without creating any new energy needed for heating or cooling. This means that you will save money overall while also doing good by protecting our environment with fewer carbon emissions!

Provides both warm and cool air

A Heat Pump unit works in both directions so that it can work for both your heating and air conditioning needs. This means you can just install one system instead of two, saving you a bunch of money on installation costs.

Less noisy operation

Heat Pumps are well known for producing less noise than their traditional counterparts. So, if you’re looking to reduce the noise level of your HVAC system, then installing a Heat Pump is a clever idea!

Improved safety

During winter, heating systems rely on combustion to provide you warmth. These are susceptible to gas leaks that can cause fires due to the heating mechanism within the system. Since all that heat pumps do is shift heat, they’re safer than traditional HVAC units.

The Heat Pump Experts in Vernon and the Okanagan

At Phyxter Home Services, we are Okanagan’s heat pump technology and heating system experts. We sell and install a full range of heat pumps. We can install a new heat pump system that’s just right for your home or business and of course your budget. If you would like to find out more about heat pumps and how our HVAC experts can provide you and your family or your customers with complete comfort all year round, give us a call!

Reach out to our team today at (778) 745-0041 to get started with a new heat pump from our Okanagan heat pump installation experts.

Have Heat Pump Questions?


Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps get classified into air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and geothermal heat pumps. Each heat pump system collects heat from the air, water, or ground found outside the home. Heat pumps come equipped with a reverse operation that serves both heating and cooling purposes. Other models can also heat water for use within a home. If you want to learn more about a heat pump that works, we have a wicked article right here: How Does A Heat Pump Work?

More recently, air-source heat pumps that are better adapted to operating in the cold Canadian climate have been introduced into the market. These heat pump systems, often called cold climate heat pumps, combine improved heat exchanger designs and controls with variable capacity compressors to maximize heating capacity at colder air temperatures while maintaining higher efficiencies during milder conditions. As a result, these systems typically have higher SEER and HSPF values, with some systems reaching SEERs up to 42 and HSPFs nearing 13.


Air Source Heat Pump

Air-to-air or air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outdoor air to warm the indoor areas of a home. The outdoor air condenses under pressure until it achieves a temperature sufficient to keep the entire house warm.


Water Source Heat Pump

A water source heat pump expels heat to a water pipe system in the summer and absorbs heat from the same system in winter. Thus, this type of heat pump uses water instead of air as a heat source to control the temperature of the refrigerant.


Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal or ground source heat pumps use the earth as a heat source or heat sink. This type of heat pump exchanges heat with the earth to control the refrigerant’s temperature.

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