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Indoor Radon Levels in Your Home too High?

Heaters can break down at any time, and you could be in for a rough ride if it happens when the temperature drops. When that starts happening, your home will quickly become cold and damp; not to mention unhealthy!

When you’ve had an issue with your heater, the last thing you want to do is struggle to find dependable heating repairs in Vernon. At Phyxter Home Services, we make things easy by offering a comprehensive and professional repair service whenever and wherever you need them. 

Indoor Radon Levels in Your Home too High?

Say Goodbye to Radon


Radon Testing

Radon testing is straightforward and inexpensive to conduct. Conducting the initial short-term radon test can be helpful to find out if there are potential problems. This is commonly done during inspections of commercial workspaces, health facilities, new home construction, and real estate transactions that require building inspections.

Once a short-term radon test is complete, you should always follow up with a long-term test. These are made up of three to twelve-month tests. 

Since Radon levels in your home can fluctuate over time, a long-term test will give you a more accurate picture of the average exposure radon concentrations.

These results can then be used to determine whether a mitigation plan is required. Not sure where to start and need to chat to a radon mitigation professional? Give us a call.

Get a Radon Mitigation System


Radon Mitigation

So your test results came back and you have high or elevated Radon in your home. So what’s next?

Well, it’s time to get serious and install a Radon Mitigation System. The most effective radon mitigation system involves ventilating from underneath your home by using piping and a special inline fan to draw radon up from the soil and venting it outside.

Other radon reduction techniques that can reduce radon are:

  • Caulking cracks in the foundation, walls, and construction joints with a polyurethane type caulk.
  • Installing an airtight cover on your sump pump.
  • Cover the soil in crawl spaces with polyurethane plastic sheeting (6-millimeter minimum thickness) and tightly attach to the wall.

These methods on their own are only a temporary solution and should only be used in conjunction with proper radon mitigation systems and are best left to the Pros at Phyxter Home Services.

Stay Healthy with Phyxter Home Services


Radon Fan Installation

The most effective method of reducing your radon levels is by venting the soil under your home with the installation of a radon-reduction system like a Radon Fan.

This is done by placing PVC piping in designated areas of your foundation including your sump pit. A special inline radon fan is fitted, and the piping is vented out of your home or into the attic.

This placement of fan is best placed outside of your home to ensure the Radon gas and air are drawn out from under your foundation and vented externally. Or if you just need your fan replaced or repaired, we can do that too!

Take control of the air quality in your home and keep your family safe by calling the experts at Phyxter Home services to discuss a radon mitigation system plan suitable for your home.

Stay Healthy with Phyxter Home Services


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