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Best Power Tools for Homeowners

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- By Jake Gibson

The power tool market has a wide range of power tool brands that claim to be the best, but how do you determine which ones are true leaders in the industry?

Find out from the Experts!

1. Craftsman

Today, Craftsman has a wide array of high-quality corded, gas-powered, and battery-operated tools and outdoor equipment.

2. Kobalt By Lowes

Lowe sells a decent range of corded and battery-operated power tools under the Kobalt brand. Kobalt toolsets are popular among many homeowners.

3. Hitachi / Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT manufactures an excellent collection of 18V tools and MultiVolt cordless power tools, such as the brand’s 18V Triple Hammer impact driver.

4. Makita

Makita has a reputation for its streamlined cordless system that focuses on convenience and simplicity, which homeowners and professionals appreciate.

5. Ryobi

Ryobi products are ideal for anyone who likes to keep tools on hand for occasional projects and doesn’t intend to use them several days in a row at a construction site.

Want to Know What Professionals Prefer?

We told you the top 5 for homeowners, but are the top 5 for professionals?  Click the link below to find out!

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