Can Circuit Breakers Go Bad?

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- By russell jones

Don't let a faulty circuit breaker catch you off guard.  Discover the common causes of circuit breaker failure and how to prevent them with our informative blog post.

Why Do Circuit Breakers Trip?

Circuit breakers act as safety valves for the circuits in your home. The purpose of the breaker is to protect your appliances from a faulty current or faulty wiring.

Why Do Circuit Breakers Trip?

When the breaker detects an electrical overload, it will immediately trip, severing the connection that keeps electricity flowing.

Can a Circuit Breaker Fail Without Tripping?

If you’ve lost power to a circuit, but your breaker hasn’t tripped, it can indicate that your circuit breaker is bad and needs replacing. 

Signs of a Faulty Breaker

The obvious sign of a fault breaker is that it doesn’t trip when the power goes out. Also look for a breaker that's hot to touch and obvious signs of wear or a burning smell.

Testing Your Circuit Breaker

Click the link below to read more about how to test a circuit breaker. Though we advice that you engage an electrician for this, given the dangers of electricity. 

What to Do if Your Circuit Breakers Trip

Whether you have a malfunctioning panel or a breaker that trips constantly – indicating a short circuit, your first step is always to contact an electrician.

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