Top 10 Common Home Electrical Problems and Solutions

Every house has some electrical problems.

Here are the top 10 most common electrical problems and solutions.

If you have some electrical experience, installing a GFCI outlet is relatively easy, but if you have any concerns, contact a qualified electrician.

No GFCI Outlets

If the outer housing is cracked, the screw terminals may be visible, exposing live wires. The solution is to replace the switch. Installing replacement switches is reasonably easy.

Dysfunctional Switches

Junction box cover plates can be purchased at any hardware store and easily installed, protecting you against these wiring problems.

Uncovered Junction Boxes

You get voltage fluctuations if the light fixture is loose or the electrical wiring is not tight. Either the splices to the fixture must be tighter, or the fixture must be repaired or replaced.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Fast

If this happens on windy days, connections to your main electrical service wires may be loose. The loose connection may become even looser as the wires sway in the wind.

Flickering Lights On A Windy Day

If you receive an electrical shock, the item is touching a hot wire, conducting electricity, and is not grounded. Contact an electrician to ground the item correctly and to find any loose connections.

Electrical Shocks

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