Definitive Guide to Electrical Switches and Light Switch Types

Electrical switches play a pivotal role in our daily lives, connecting devices to power sources.

While the concept of a switch is simple, there are many types of switches.

These are the most common types of switches, which are operated simply by a person moving the switch.

Manual Switches

Sensing switches are automatic switches that are operated by a sensor.

Sensing Switches

By far the most common switch is a simple toggle switch or rocker switch. Most wall switches will be one of these types. The concept is simple.

Toggle Switches and Rocker Switches

Dimmer switches are electrical switches that allow for the adjustment of lighting intensity. They offer the ability to vary the brightness of light fixtures.

Dimmer Switches

Slide switches feature a small slider that can be moved horizontally or vertically to open or close the electrical contacts.

Slide Switches

These switches typically consist of a button that, when pressed, completes the circuit, allowing current to flow. When the button is released, the circuit is opened, interrupting the flow of current.

Push Button Switches

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