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Does a Solar Powered Air Conditioner Work?

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- By Jake Gibson

Discover the truth about solar powered air conditioners and learn how they work to keep you cool while reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint! Keep reading to find out more!

Types of Solar Air Conditioners

There are several different solar air conditioners, although many of these are not yet available in consumer markets.

Solar Photovoltaic AC

These systems capture the sun’s solar energy using solar photovoltaic panels, usually mounted on a building’s roof. These are the most common.

Solar Thermal Systems

These systems employ a plate to capture solar energy from the sun’s rays. The energy is used to turn electrical generators to power an AC.

Absorption Chillers

These systems use solar power from solar panels to drive the fan and compressor motor in systems that use evaporation and condensation to generate cool air.

Are These Effective?

As long as you have enough sunlight, a solar air conditioning system is equally effective at cooling an indoor space as a mains electric powered system

How Much Can I Save With A Solar System?

Installing a solar-powered air conditioning system requires a substantial initial outlay but you can save a bunch in the long run!

Looking To Go Solar?

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Did Someone say Federal Solar Tax Credit?

You can even tap into a 26% federal solar tax credit to help offset the costs of going green in your home.

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