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Durable Garage Flooring Buyer’s Guide

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- By russell jones

While the selection of garage flooring options can be expensive.  Many homeowners still settle for the same old grey concrete floor slab.  Brighten up your garage with these durable garage flooring ideas.

Garage Flooring Options

Nowadays, there is a significant number of options when it comes to upgrading a garage floor.  However, not all of them are a good choice for decorative improvements.

Decorative Flooring Options

Epoxy coatings, Polyaspartic floor coatings, concrete floor paint, interlocking tiles, and floor stains can be a great choice.

Garage Floor Tiles

Garage tiles are easy to install, come in several color and pattern options and easy to swap out if they get damaged. However, they can be pricy!

Epoxy Garage Flooring

An epoxy floor comes in many color and texture options and has great anti slip capability. Preparation, durability and customization are cons you need to be aware of.

Garage Flooring Rolls

They are cheap, easy to install and come in a range of colors and patterns. On the flip side, they are hard to customize and can be a pain to replace.

Deciding on Your Next Garage Floor

How to decide? Think about how you are planning on using your garage, DIY or Pro installation, and esthetics.  Don't forget about your budget! 

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