Homeowners Guide to DIY Furnace Repair:

16 Most Common Problems & Solutions

So it’s officially the heating season for homeowners. What’s that mean: Furnace Repair.

This guide walks you through common questions we hear about furnace issues and their solutions.

While it’s not precisely a furnace repair problem, not changing air filters can cause excessive wear and tear on your heating system. This also leads to a reduction in indoor air quality.

The Dirtiest Furnace Filter in Town

Simply remove the flame sensor, clean it with an emery cloth, and then put it back in.

Inspect and Clean the Flame Sensor

If the condensation from burning propane or natural gas doesn’t get drained properly, then it will stop your inducer motor from moving enough air through the venting to satisfy the pressure switches, and thus the heating cycle won’t start.

A Clogged Condensate Drain Line is the Worst!

It could be as easy as moving a curtain or a piece of furniture that’s obstructing one or more of your vents. This prevents proper airflow.

Check Out All The Vents & Ducts

First, ensure you’ve set your thermostat to HEAT rather than COOL. It makes sense, right? Next, ensure you haven’t set the fan to ON instead of AUTO.

Why is my Thermostat Not Working?

Your furnace may have a loose screw, dirty burners, or a faulty part. Some noises aren’t from the furnace. Leaks and other issues in your ductwork can cause noises as well.

When the Noisy Furnace Talks

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