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Homeowners Guide to a Furnace Tune Up

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- By Jake Gibson

A furnace tune-up is a maintenance service performed to ensure it’s operating at its peak efficiency and performance. This service typically involves cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting various parts and performing necessary repairs.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

A furnace tune-up typically includes inspections of the thermostat, pilot light, burners, blower, and gas connections. It also includes cleaning and a safety check.

What Are The Signs of a Furnace Going Out?

The signs include strange noises, inadequate heating, frequent cycling, and a yellow flame instead of blue. An increase in your energy bills is also a giveaway.

How Often Do I Need A Furnace Tune Up?

We recommend an annual tune-up to keep the furnace in good working condition and ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency.

What Does a Tune Up Cost?

The good news is they’re not a big drain on your wallet. Depending on your location, your furnace type, and the company, you’ll pay between $150-$250.

How Long Does A Furnace Tune Up Take?

Generally, a furnace tune-up can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. This varies based on the type of furnace and maintenance required.

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