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Homeowners Guide to DIY Furnace Repair

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- By Jake Gibson

Don't let a broken furnace ruin your winter! Our blog covers the top 16 furnace repair problems and solutions to keep you warm. From a faulty thermostat to a clogged air filter, we've got you covered. 

1. Furnace Filters!

The air filter is the gatekeeper for your furnace. Changing it regularly is an essential part of keeping your furnace running smoothly

2. Flame Sensors

The flame sensor ensures that the gas valve doesn’t continue to pour gas into your furnace without a flame present. Sometimes it needs a clean.

3. Hot Surface Ignitors

Getting warm air from a furnace starts with safely igniting the fuel. The surface ignitor keeps your furnace lit and tells it everything is ok. Make sure you check it!

4. Condensate Drain Lines

If the condensation from your furnace cant escape it will shut down your furnace. Check that it drains properly and isn't blocked.

5. The Gas Valve

A malfunctioning gas valve will ensure you stay cold this winter. We recommend you engage a local HVAC contractor for this one!

6. Check Your Vents

Walk through your home and check all of your vents for anything blocking them. This can stop warm air from circulating around your home. 

7. Furnace Won't Turn On?

One of the first things to check is the safety switch on the furnace door. Check that the access door is secured correctly.

8. Check Your Thermostat

If  notice furnace problems with the temperature in your home, or if you don’t hear your furnace kick on when it’s cold, check out the thermostat.

Where's the Rest?

DIY Furnace repair is a little more involved then we can fit on here. Head over to our article to read more about possible problems and DIY solutions.

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