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How Does a Furnace Vent Gas?

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Uncover the mystery of furnace venting and learn how to ensure safe and efficient gas emissions in your home.

Check out the three types of venting and how they work!

Natural Draft Furnace Vent

If you have a furnace with a metal exhaust pipe,  your furnace is considered a standard efficiency furnace and is approximately 70% efficient.

Direct Vent Furnace

If your metal exhaust vent is routed out of the house, it’s likely a direct vent and uses an exhaust fan. This type of furnace is slightly more efficient at about 80%.

High Efficiency Furnaces

A high-efficiency furnace uses a primary and secondary heat exchanger to remove heat. This highly efficient furnace will use a single or double pipe vent design.

Single Vs Two Pipe Design

All propane and natural gas furnaces have the capability to be installed with two-pipe furnace venting. Two pipes are preferred as they won't use up the air in the room.

Blocked Or Damaged Exhaust Pipe

The combustion process may create carbon monoxide if the flue pipes are blocked or damaged. Other issues include cracking or failing joints.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, making a decision on what type of furnace to buy has more variables than just the venting system, but it’s definitely one to consider.

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