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How to Flush a Toilet Manually

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- By russell jones

Tired of Waiting? Here's How to Manually Flush a Toilet in No Time! Learn the three simple tricks to quickly and effectively flush your toilet without needing any plumbing tools.

Why Doesn't My Toilet Flush?

Your toilet might not flush due to being clogged; the water level is too low; the flapper is leaking, or problems with the lift chain.

1. Pour Water Into the Toilet Tank

Start by lifting the lid of the top tank, then pour water directly into it. This will create enough pressure to flush the toilet without requiring any extra tools.

2. Pull up the Rubber Flapper in the Toilet Tank

To manually flush a toilet, lift the rubber flapper to allow water to flow from the top tank into the toilet bowl. You need water in the top tank for this one. 

Use a Bucket or Hose to Pour Water Into the Bowl

You can push down poop by either filling your bowl with a bucket or using a garden hose if it won't move.

Pro Tip For Using a Bucket!

Pouring water slowly will help in reducing any splash. The last thing you need is to splash any waste onto the bathroom floor or on you!.

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