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How to Plug a Bathtub Drain Without a Plug!

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- By russell jones

What happens when you are about to take that all-important bath, and your bath plug decides to give up and falls apart?

Here are our top 7 DIY Tricks to enjoy that bath without a bathplug!

1. Use a Coffee Pod or Plastic Cup

Most single-serve coffee pods are similar in size to most drains in modern bathtubs. If it's too loose, wrap some rubber bands around it!

2. Use a Jar Lid

f you have a bath drain that’s significantly larger than that coffee pod, you could try another common household item: the infamous jam jar lid!

3. Use Plumber's Putty

The plumber’s putty is best used in conjunction with your old bathtub plug. Roll up the putty into thick spaghetti and line the hole of the drain and push the old plug in.

4. Cover the Drain Hole with Duct Tape

Add duct tape to a dry bathtub before you fill it. Double-layer it so it can handle the water pressure above it!

5. Try the Plastic Bag Trick

You can make a temporary seal from a plastic bag filled with a wet washcloth. Find a plastic sandwich bag and fill it with a rolled-up washcloth and zip it shut.

6. Block It With a Plunger

Press down on the plunger over the drain hole, and you should have a nice watertight seal. Remove the handle if you don't like looking it...

7. Block it with a Marine Drain Twist Plug

Find a boat drain plug that’s a similar size to your drain and block it. Hold down the twist plug to ensure it fits the hole correctly.


You can block a bathtub drain pretty easily from household items lying around with a bit of ingenuity. Try to think, “What would MacGyver do?”.

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