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HVAC Tools: Must Have Selection for 2023

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- By jake gibson

Don't miss out on the top HVAC tools for this year! Keep reading to find out which ones you should add to your toolkit!

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The Basics

When starting, you need some basics: Tape measure, pipe wrenches, saws, drills, wire strippers, and a tubing cutter should be on your shopping list.

Amp Clamp Multimeter

You’ll need to take electrical measurements with a multimeter to check components and electrical currents to avoid electrical shock on the job.

Recovery Unit

The refrigerant recovery machine allows HVAC service techs to extract refrigerant per EPA standards, making it an essential tool.

Vacuum Pump

One of the most expensive on the list. You will need a vacuum pump to service any AC unit or heat pump where you’re working with the refrigerant.

Oxy/Acetylene Torch Kit

No HVAC tool list would be complete without tools for brazing and soldering. HVAC technicians use this tool to connect and solder line sets and other refrigerant lines.

Digital Weigh Scale

When performing maintenance or a new install, you will need a digital refrigerant scale. When pulling freon you need to be able to check the amount of refrigerant.

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