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Is My Furnace Leaking Gas?

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- By russell jones

Is your furnace leaking gas? Don't ignore the warning signs!  Gas leaks can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Get it checked out by an HVAC pro right away to keep your home and family safe.

About Natural Gas

Natural gas is an odorless and flammable gas formed by rotting dinosaurs. It smells because utility companies add mercaptan to ID leaks.

Is My Furnace Leaking Gas?

All gas furnaces leak a little. It's normal to smell a little near the furnace at the beginning of a heating cycle.

What If You Suspect A Major Gas Leak?

If the smell is strong enough and doesn't subside, you must take immediate action!

Evacuate Your Home Immediately

Warn everyone to leave immediately. Don’t forget to grab your pets. If you have the chance, open all doors and windows on the way out.

Call 911!

Once you and your family are a safe distance from your home and you don’t think you will die in a gas explosion, call 911 and your local gas company.

Arrange an Inspection

Call your local professional HVAC contractor to inspect and assess the gas leak. If it’s minor, you will be back in your home in no time.

Are There Health Risks?

Gas leaks can release harmful substances. If your gas leak is due to a cracked heat exchanger, you could pump carbon monoxide (CO) into your home.

Other Signs of Leaks

There are a few other telltale signs you have a gas leak in your home. These are less common with modern gas furnaces, but still worth checking out.


Furnace gas leaks are not something you want to mess around with as the average homeowner. If your home has any of these symptoms, call a professional.

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