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Is Toilet Water Clean Enough to Drink?

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- By russell jones

The water that goes into your toilet is the same water that feeds your home. Once that water feeds into the top tank and then into the bowl, that is where it becomes highly undrinkable!

Where the Water Comes From

The cleanliness of the water itself depends on where it comes from. The water supply in your home is the same supply that feeds your toilet.

Beware of Grey Water

Grey water is water that’s created from other activities, such as bathing or showering. It's not drinkable!

Condition of the Toilet Top Tank

The water flowing into the tank is technically clean, but how clean is your top tank? How often do you clean it?

Cleanliness of the Toilet Bowl

This is where it's definitely not drinkable. Think about the type of business that's conducted in this space.. 

Is Toilet Water Safe For Pets?

For all the same reasons, it’s unhealthy for humans, it’s equally unhealthy for dogs, cats, and other animals in your home.

Keep Your Toilet Clean

The final answer is no! You cant drink toilet water at any stage. You should always give your toilet some cleaning love on a regular basis though.

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