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Non-Biased Review of the Best Furnace Brands

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- By Jake Gibson

Find the best furnace for your home with our non-biased review of the top furnace brands. We've done the research so you don't have to, making it easy to choose the right furnace for your needs and budget.

Our Furnace Buying Criteria

We have considered all aspects, from the manufacturer's location to warranties, energy efficiency, and more, to give you a comprehensive and unbiased review of the best furnace options.

What Makes a Top-Rated Furnace?

Assuming you are not worried about future repair,  what you want is to buy is a furnace that is reliable, quiet, energy-efficient, and made locally.

What Makes a Gas Furnace Reliable?

A lack of part failures makes a furnace reliable, but the quality of the furnace parts and how they were installed is what truly makes a furnace reliable.

What Makes a Gas Furnace Quiet?

There are two main reasons for one gas furnace to be quieter than another; the quiet one will use a variable-speed motor and a modulating gas valve.

What Makes A Gas Furnace Energy Efficient?

Modern furnaces have increased their AFUE rating through secondary heat exchangers, modulating gas valves, and variable-speed blower motors.

What Makes a Gas Furnace “Made Locally”?

Is it made or just assembled in the US? For a manufacturer to use the term “Made in America” a certain percentage of it is made in the U.S.

List of Furnace Brands

Check out our non-biased review of the attached criteria as we list all the favorite brands available in North America.

Our Top Recommendation?

Our top picks are York, Coleman, and Luxaire. We believe they have the best value for money, they make a great product, and have a great warranty.

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