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Pros and Cons of Forced Air Heating

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- By Jake Gibson

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of forced air heating, a popular method of warming your home. Learn about its cost-effectiveness, speed, and flexibility, as well as issues with noise and allergies.

PRO: Energy Costs

Forced air systems tend to provide a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the entire home, and therefore occupants tend to have lower...

PRO: Heating Time

The amount of time forced air systems take to provide a consistent temperature throughout the home is significantly less than if a radiant system or...

PRO: Air Filtering

Adding an air filter, UV filters, air-ionizers, and HEPA filters to forced air heating systems allows you to purify all of the air in your home as it gets heated.

CON: Noise

The problem is that when that air gets forced through those vents, it can be loud, but I will say that the amount of noise is based on how well the...

CON: Air Ducts

All I really need to say here is “BULKHEADS.” The standard size of a supply and return air branch will range from eighteen to twenty-four inches wide and...

CON: Central Control

This isn’t always true, but in most cases, a home will only have one location for the thermostat, which means that the temperature in your home could be different based on...

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