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Do You Need a Register Booster Fan?

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- By Russell Jones

Do you ever feel frustrated by your HVAC system’s inability to provide conditioned air to some of your rooms?

Insufficient airflow in one of the biggest culprits.

What Are Register Booster Fans?

These are designed to replace registers that receive low air flow or for rooms that have uneven heating or cooling.

What are Inline Duct Booster Fans?

These are inline duct fans that are installed inside the ductwork to help move conditioned air.

What Are The Advantages of Booster Fans?

As the name suggests, these help boost air flow that might be otherwise lacking in your home.

Boosting Older Ductwork

Your older ductwork may not have been designed with modern technology in mind, so it might need a boost!

Extra Power for Complex Ductwork

Large or multifamily homes can have complex ventilation systems and could have been poorly designed.

Putting Off Costly Repairs

A booster fan can be a band-aid for HVAC systems that are performing poorly... Our advice: Get it fixed by calling your local HVAC Professional!

When a Booster Fan Won't Work

If your HVAC system is just too old to benefit from a duct or register booster fan its time for a new system.

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