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Should You Caulk Around Your Toilet?

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- By russell jones

Should you caulk the base of your toilet? The answer is Yes! Discover the benefits and drawbacks of sealing your toilet to the floor, and learn how to do it properly. 

Caulking Does Not Prevent Leak Detection

Many plumbers feel that if they caulk in a toilet, this reduces the ability to detect leaks in the future. If you have a leak, its gonna leak below anyway.

Caulking Prevents Water Contamination

The caulking that supposedly prevents you from noticing a leak is beneficial in preventing other water sources from getting underneath your toilet.

Caulking a Toilet Prevents Smell

If you have a major failure and your bathroom smells like a sewage plant, a little caulking will not stop it from stinking up your home.

A Caulked Toilet Base Looks Clean and Professional

This is an obvious point for most people. A nice white or clear caulk line looks professional in a modern bathroom.

Caulking Keeps the Toilet Secure

An unsecured toilet will cause it to move around and can accelerate other parts to fail sooner than they should.

Plumbing Code Requirements

Here is the No.1 reason why you should caulk your toilet. In most of the US, it is a code requirement to caulk your toilet to the floor.

Go Ahead and Caulk The Toilet To The Floor!

So with the no-caulking argument dead, go ahead and arm yourself with a caulking gun and start caulking. There are a few tricks to it though...

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