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Shower and Toilet Backed Up?

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- By Russell Jones

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Why Is My Toilet Backing Up Into My Shower?

When you flush the toilet, the waste travels down the sewer line. However, if something is blocking the sewer line, the waste will have to find another way.

Clogged Sewer Lines

Problems with the sewer pipes are some of the most important to address because they will lead to your drains getting repeatedly clogged.

Tree Roots

If there’s an opening in the sewer line, tree roots can infiltrate and interrupt the waste flow. Tree roots can get into sewer lines through cracks and in the connections between the pipes.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Excessive use of paper can lead to the clogged  drain problems as a result. While it’s hard to tell you exactly how much paper you should use, we recommend  no more than 10 sheets at a time.

Flushed Foreign Objects

Toilets and sewer systems are only designed to handle toilet paper and human waste. The pipes will not accept any other objects or substances, leading to clogged drains.

Water Quality

Even the type of water used in your toilet can lead to blockages in your sewer line. Though high mineral content doesn’t make water unsafe, it can however damage your pipes.

Ways to Solve This Problem

Problems originating from your pipes and pipe intrusions will require a professional plumber to fix. Fortunately, almost all the other causes can be resolved on your own.

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