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The Top 6 Reasons Why Your AC Smells

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- By Russell Jones

Uncover the secrets of a fresh-smelling home with our latest blog post.  Discover the top 6 reasons for smelly AC and easy solutions to keep your air conditioning smelling like a spring breeze

1. Burning or Electrical Odors

Electrical smells are a typical AC smell and could indicate a mechanical problem with your AC compressor or fan, electrical component failure, or a wiring issue.

2. Gunpowder Smell

The gunpowder smell is the cousin of electrical odors. Distinctive gunpowder-like odors can be due to a fried fan motor or circuit board.

3. Rotten Egg Smell

If you smell sulfur or it smells like rotten eggs emanating from your AC unit, it’s most likely a natural gas leak somewhere in your home making its way into your ventilation system.

If You Smell Gas!

Do not take it lightly. If you smell sulfur in your home, natural gas is most likely the culprit, and immediate inspection of its source is required. Turn off your gas, evacuate your home, and call the fire department.

4. Exhaust Fumes

Even if your systems are not powered by gas, exhaust fumes can be present if fluids leak from specific components in your AC or heating systems. Call an HVAC contractor for this problem!

5. Chemical Aromas

Chemical smells can come from many different sources. Check out our list to help you decipher which one is the most likely culprit.

6. Mold or Musty Smells

Does your AC smell like dirty socks? An air conditioning system that smells like mold and mildew is one of the most common AC smells coming from an HVAC system.

What Your AC Should Smell Like…

Don't forget to use your other senses. Listen for abnormal sounds and look for excess water around the unit. Often the smells indicate that the system just needs a service.

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