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Thermostat Not Working?

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- By Jake Gibson

A faulty thermostat is notorious for making you think you have a more serious issue with your AC, heat pump or furnace.

Here are the most common problems & solutions

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Have you set your thermostat correctly? Is it even on and set to the correct temperature?

The Power Source Is Failing

Your furnace won’t work if the thermostat is dead. It's probably caused by dead batteries. 

You Have a Dirty Thermostat

Dust and debris can easily make their way into your thermostat. Open it up and check.

Thermostat Is Installed in the Wrong Location

If your thermostat is mounted in the wrong location, it may sense false information.

The Thermostat Isn’t Level

Not staying at temperature? It might be because your thermostat is not mounted level.

You have a Bad Thermostat

Sometimes you just can’t fix a problem if the unit is bad and it fails to reach the desired temperature.

Replace Your Thermostat

If it's not working properly and dying of old age, it's time for a new one.  Join the 21st century with a smart thermostat!

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