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Toilet constantly running?

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- By Jake Gibson

Did you know that only 3 problems make up 95% of why your toilet may be constantly running?

The 3 Reasons Why Your Toilet is Constantly Running are?

The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Running!

1. Float Height Needs Adjusting 2. Toilet Flapper is Leaking 3. Fill Tube Needs Shortening

How To Fix a Running Toilet

Here's some quick tips on how to get your toilet back into its regular operation!

1. Lowering the Float Valve

When water in the top tank is too high, it will spill in the bowl. Lowering the float valve will keep it at the right level

2. Toilet Flapper is Leaking

Flappers can get old and deteriorate.  It's an easy fix. Just replace it with a new one from any hardware store. Watch put for the chain to make sure it doesn't get stuck.

2.1 Quick Tip For Newbies

Drain all the water from the top tank first before replacing the flapper. Also, check it's not just a long chain getting trapped under the flapper.

3. Shorten the Refill Tube

Your fill tube could be too long and not positioned correctly. Clip it to the right height.

3.1 Quick Tip For Newbies

A long refill tube can cause the toilet to run because the refill valve is creating a suction effect that pulls water out of the fill valve.

Time for Expert Help?

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