Toilet Filling Slowly? Your 2023 DIY Quick Fix It Guide.

If your toilet tank takes longer than 2 minutes, you will likely have a problem that requires attention.

Here are the top 5 reasons and solutions to a slow-filling toilet tank.

If your home doesn’t have decent water pressure in your home, it will affect how long the toilet tank takes to fill.

💧 Problem 1: Low Water Pressure

Contact your local water utility provider to increase your home’s pressure if it’s below the minimum recommended pressure of 40 psi.

🧰 The Fix: Call Your Local Utility or Add a Water Booster Pump

If your water supply valve is not fully open, it will restrict the flow of water into your home’s plumbing system and cause various issues.

💧 Problem 2: Shut-Off Valve Is Not Fully Open

This valve is typically located near your home’s water meter and connected to the main water supply line feeding your home.

🧰 The Fix: Open the Water Supply Valve to the Maximum

The float ball is the component that rises with the water level in the toilet tank and tells the fill valve when to stop filling.

💧 Problem 3: Waterlogged Float Ball

If the ball is damaged and leaks, it will require a replacement. These are cheap and are not worth repairing.

🧰 The Fix: Replace the Float Ball

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