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Toilet Overflowing? Here's What To Do!

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- By Russell Jones

Stuck with an overflowing toilet? No problem! This blog will give you all the necessary answers to get your bathroom back in working order.  Learn how to identify and fix any issue related to a clogged toilet!

What Causes A Toilet To Overflow?

An overflowing toilet is almost always caused by a clog somewhere down the line, be it in the toilet drain or the sewer line.

Using Too Much Toilet Paper

The amount of toilet paper you flush has a real impact on the state of your drains. When too much toilet paper is flushed at a time, it can easily get caught in the drain.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items

No matter the situation, you should avoid using your toilet to eliminate non-toilet waste. Toilets are only designed to handle toilet paper and human waste.

Blocked Vent Pipe

The thing responsible for your toilet overflowing might not be your drain but your system’s vent pipe. Just as your toilet has pipes that go down the sewer line, it also has vents.

How to Stop An Overflowing Toilet

We have a quick DIY guide to help you unblock your overflowing toilet. Click learn more below!

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