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Toilet Tank Not Filling?

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- By russell jones

Is your toilet tank not filling up? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our latest blog post provides easy troubleshooting tips and solutions to fix this common plumbing issue. Say goodbye to overflowing toilets and hello to a fully functioning bathroom.

Why is My Toilet Slow to Fill?

Most toilets take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to fill. If your toilet takes longer, you have a problem!

1: Low Water Pressure

If your home doesn’t have decent water pressure in your home, it will affect how long the toilet tank takes to fill. Get a water pressure gauge and check it!

2: Shut-Off Valve Not Fully Open

If your water supply valve is not fully open, it will restrict water flow into your home’s plumbing system and cause various issues.

3: Waterlogged Float Ball

A waterlogged float ball can cause issues with a toilet, such as a toilet tank filling slowly or constantly running water. Time to pull it out and check it!

4: Clogged Water Supply Hose

The water supply hose connects your toilet to your home’s fresh water supply. If it's clogged or kinked, it will restrict the flow of water.

5: Clogged Fill Valve

A clogged fill valve can cause a slow-filling toilet. The fill valve is the main component that controls the flow of water into the toilet tank. Might be time for a replacement.

Toilet Frequently Asked Questions

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