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Top 8 Types of Heating Systems

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Many types of heating systems are available for residential homes, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. 

Check out our top 8 list of residential heating systems.

1. Forced Air Furnace

The advantages of a forced-air furnace include the even distribution of warm air through your home and the ability to add AC and indoor air quality systems easily.

2. Residential Boilers

A central boiler will circulate steam or water through pipes to radiators, or as radiant heating systems. Best for zoned heating if each room has its own thermostat.

3. Heat Pumps

They work similarly to a central AC in absorbing heat from one place and then discharging it to another. For winter, the heat is absorbed outside and fed inside.

4. Floor Radiant Heating Systems

Floor radiant heating systems (or hydronic systems) such as baseboard heaters are usually heated with either hot water or electricity.

5. Electric Resistance Heating

These are commonly known as portable space heaters and can be purchased from any of your local hardware stores.

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