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Troubleshooting Common Light Switch Problems

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- By russell jones

Tired of having to troubleshoot light switch problems? Get the help you need! Check out this blog for tips and tricks on how to quickly and effectively fix your lighting issue.

Safety First - Be Careful!

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous. If at any time you feel uncomfortable troubleshooting electrical problems, reach out to your local electrician.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can be a common source of electrical issues - make sure you know how to reset yours safely and correctly!

Flickering Light Bulb

Flickering or dimming light bulbs can be a sign of a larger electrical problem - if you notice any, contact an electrician right away.

No Power

If your faulty light switch isn't getting power, it could be the result of a broken wire or a tripped circuit breaker - check them both!

Bad Light Fixture

Electrical faults can make it look like your light switch is the problem, but it might be something else - like a faulty circuit in your light fixture.

How To Test a Switch With a Multimeter

If you have a voltage tester or multimeter on hand, testing your light switch before you put it back in place can save you a lot of trial and error.

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