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What Is A Freeze Proof Faucet?

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- By Russell Jones

Upgrade your home's plumbing with a freeze-proof faucet! Learn how this innovative device can protect your pipes from freezing, saving you time and money.  Check out our latest blog post for all the details.

How Does an Outdoor Freeze Proof Faucet Work?

The compression valve for the faucet is situated further back into the interior of your home, where the inside temperature is higher.

Freeze Proof Spigot

Traditional faucets have the stop valve directly behind the faucet handle. If you live in a cold area, all outdoor faucets should be replaced with freeze-proof ones.

The Difference

The main difference is the long pipe that reaches further into the warmer area of your house, where the water is kept behind a shutoff valve that won’t freeze.

Freeze Proof Outdoor Spigot Installation

Unless you’re a serious DIYer, this job is best left to a plumbing professional. But if you want to give it a go, hit learn more below.

Outdoor Freeze Proof Hydrant

For faucets not mounted to a wall, replace your garden taps with an outdoor freeze proof hydrant!

Keeping your Faucets from Freezing

Fitting a freeze-proof spigot can help reduce freezing events but may not completely stop them. You still need to conduct yearly maintenance to prevent water damage.

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