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What Is Auxiliary Heat on Your Thermostat?

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- By Russell Jones

Auxiliary heat can be a problem because it is more expensive to operate than the heat pump alone. When the auxiliary heat is used frequently, it can lead to higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan for the heat pump. 

What is Auxiliary Heat?

AUX HEAT refers to the heat pump’s backup heat source.  They are designed to automatically switch on this emergency setting when the heat pump can’t produce enough heat. 

Auxiliary Heat On?

Has your heat pump been stuck on aux heat mode, as shown on your smart thermostat? Perhaps your central heating system isn’t working as effectively as it should be.

Is It Bad if Auxiliary Heat Comes On?

Aux heat uses electric resistance heating as a secondary heat source to heat your home. This is done through a heat strip to give it that extra boost.

Aux Heat Can Be Expensive

Since electric resistance heating is much less efficient than your energy-efficient heat pump, you only want it to be on when it’s totally necessary.

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