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What is Forced Air Heating?

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- By Jake Gibson

Forced-air heating systems use an air distribution system that includes a blower assembly, ductwork, and a heat exchanger. With many options to use as your heat source.

What Are the Parts of a Forced-Air Heating System?

It would be simple to confuse the parts of a furnace with the parts of a forced-air heating system, but not all systems use a furnace.

The Pros of a Forced Air System

Forced air systems tend to provide a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the entire home.

The Cons of Forced Air Systems

The problem is that when that air gets forced through those vents it can be loud, but I will say that the amount of noise is based on how well the system was designed.

How to Maintain a Forced Air Heating System

The maintenance that should be performed quarterly on forced air systems would be changing your air filters, annually would include mechanical inspections...

Is Forced Air Heating Right For You?

To determine the correct heating system, you must consider a few things before considering your personal priorities. The first thing to consider is the...

Finding The Best Forced Air Heating

The AFUE rating is how heating systems that use combustible fuels rate how efficient they are. If a gas furnace has a rating of 97%, then 3% of the fuel you buy does not get...

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