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Why Are My Lights Flickering?

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- By Russell Jones

Is your home having trouble with flickering lights? It might be due to a bad connection, an overloaded circuit, wrong bulb type, a faulty switch, or voltage change. Don't ignore the issue - find out how to quickly identify and fix it!

1. Overloaded Circuit

Many homes, particularly older ones, may not be able to support the demands of all appliances when running at the same time.

2. Loose Connection to Light Bulb

Flickering lights can often be fixed easily if it is due to a loose connection.  This applies to all types of bulbs, such as LED, fluorescent, and dimmable bulbs

3. Loose Wiring

While fixing this issue isn't cheap or easy, a professional electrician can safely diagnose and fix any worn connectors or outdated wiring that may be causing the problem.

X. Call an Expert to Prevent Fire

According to the NFPA, electrical fires are the second most common cause of house fires in the US between 2012 and 2016. Our Advice: Call an Electrician!

4. Wrong Bulb Type

Flickering lights may be caused by a mismatched bulb and socket, especially with dimmer switches, as some LED bulbs aren't designed to work with them.

5. Faulty Switch, Breaker, or Socket

This can be caused by a fault with the switch, wall socket, or circuit breaker. If this is suspected, getting a professional electrician in is vital to handle the issue safely.

Voltage Changes

If the lights flicker continuously, unexpectedly, or even after turning appliances off, it may be a sign of an overloaded circuit or other more serious electrical issues.

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