Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?

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A bathroom that smells like sewage means there is an issue with one of the drainage points in your bathroom.

Here are the most common causes of that bathroom sewer smell and how to eliminate that sewage odor.

The P trap is a u shaped pipe located at the back of your toilet and is fitted to all sinks and drains. If you don’t use any of these regularly, the water in the p trap can evaporate, leaving your bathroom with that foul odor.

Dirty or Dry P-Trap

The most common problem has the easiest fix. Run water into the offending drain to fill up the p trap, and the problem should disappear.

The Fix!

Hopefully, everyone in your family showers regularly. After a while, pieces of dead skin, soap, gels, hair and all sorts of stuff can clog your shower drain.

Clogged Shower Drains

First, pop off the shower drain cover and pull out any debris that is accessible. If it looks significant, you can use a plumbers snake or auger to remove the gunk.

The Fix!

The toilet itself can be a source of sewer odors. Wear and tear over time and knocks against it can cause sewer gas leakage.

Damaged Toilet

If it’s a broken seal around the base, you can easily reseal or recaulk it though this may be masking a bigger problem.

The Fix!

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