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Why is My Shower Leaking Through The Floor?

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- By russell jones

Don't let a leaking shower ruin your day!  Find out why your shower leaks through the floor and how to fix it with our expert tips.

What Causes a Leaking Shower?

Leaks can be due to many different issues, from a water supply leak to problems with your shower door. Here are the most likely reasons.

Leaky Showerhead

If the showerhead continues to slowly drip after its been turned off, this is a clear sign you’ve got a problem with it. Time to replace it.

Leaking Water Pipe

Your shower’s water pipes can be challenging to maintain as they are quite difficult to monitor. If this is your problem, call a professional plumber.

Got a Clogged Drain?

When water can’t make its way through a shower drain, it will end up overflowing and flood through the bathroom floor. Check the gasket and clean the drain out.

Broken Bathroom Tiles

The tiles in your bathroom play an important role in keeping water from escaping the room. If you have a leak, check the grout or replace the offending tiles

Shower Door Leaks

A less likely, but still possible cause of a leaking shower is problems with your shower door. Check the seal and repair as needed

Fix That Leak!

Knowing exactly what part is causing water leaks can help you fix the problem and stop any further water leaks. 

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